Use Bobby Pins Correctly

Bobby pins are one of the most versatile structures of hair clips to use. Not many girls comprehend how to use bobby pins correctly in the proper way. They understand how to use hairpins besides having them slide out.

Types of Bobby Pins

First, let’s review the different types of bobby pins and their uses.

Jumbo Pins: As the title suggests, it is the most oversized pin in the group. If you’re having an ultra-long mane, then these pins are your savior. These pins are profitable at maintaining thick and unruly hair in place.

Regular pins: These are the most typical kind of bobby pins that we all love to use. It can be used on any hair, from glossy to thick. It can be used to hold your hair in an area and additionally for decoration. You can use these pins to have the fringes and bangs on your face. It also holds up the strays from the bun in place. Keeping a few of these pins in your bag will help you change your hairstyle every now or then.

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How to use Hair Pins

Hairpin is the most used bobby pin. It comes in a structure of large wavy U. This hairpin is excellent for up-dos like buns and twists. You can rock a messy hair bun with these bobby pins. Keep a couple of these pins in your handbag; who is aware of when you would possibly be having your bad hair day. And the plus factor is, you can use these pins to maintain your hair in an area for a free hairstyle.

The right way to use bobby pins correctly

  • Part one part of your hair with the use of a comb. Start alongside your hairline wherever you want. Then slide the comb straight, and return alongside your scalp towards the crown of your head.
  • Separate the parted hairs by lifting them with your fingers. Doing this will help you pull them away from any straggling hairs. This will also decrease the vicinity of your hair.
  • Pinch the parted area of hair the place you desire to slide the bobby pin
  • Another correct way of using bobby pins is by flipping them over. This will keep the wavy facet faces downwards.
  • Sliding the bobby pin into your hair is also a good practice. It will ensure that the flat arm covers your hair.
  • Make sure you clear any free strands of hair that are snagged in the bobby pin.


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