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Ashley Streicher has been breaking rules since she was born. At age four, not allowed to play with scissors, she took to cutting her dolls and friend's hair with an overlooked letter opener. At 16, discontent with the training available in the hills of Northern California, she moved to New York to learn under the skillful guise of Edward Tricome. At 23, gainfully employed but still thirsting for hair knowledge (even after advanced training at Bumble and Bumble and Toni and Guy) she hopped the pond to cut at the exclusive Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. And at 27, after a successful bi-coastal salon career, Ashley moved to Los Angeles to be close to family and share her talents with the beautiful people of Southern California. Still ferociously hair passionate and fashion obsessed, Ashley is a perfectionist when it comes to her craft, even if she has to break all the rules to get there.

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07 June 2016

The look and presentation of your essays is critical at university. In fact, part of your assessment criteria may include marks for the way in which you present your work. You may be able to gain marks for following assignment conventions such as page numbering and line spacing, and every tutor will look favourably on an essay that is properly proof-read and edited. Good editing techniques will also allow you to look at the way you have structured your argument and will allow you to take a more critical look at your content. It is important to be able to effectively edit your paper on a number of levels so that your writing is clear and error free. However, these activities take time, so when planning your essay try to leave enough time at the end for editing and presentation. The longer you have for these activities, the more polished your essay will appear to you tutor and the more bonus marks you are likely to receive.

The suggestions in this information sheet are universally acceptable essay conventions. However, your tutor or module director may have preferences that differ from Decide to buy exploration report writing papers unique old fashioned paper creating service. these suggested conventions. If your tutor asks you to present your paper differently, please follow your tutors advice. In any case, if you are in doubt, ask your tutor what they prefer.

Ordering your essay

An essay that is words or longer should include all of the sections outlined below (appendix is always optional, however). Essays below this word count do not necessarily need front sections (outlined in section number two). However, always check with your tutor regarding this requirement. Use the following guide to make sure that your essay contains all the essential elements. Your essay should have:

  1. A title page You should always attach a title page to your work. In most cases, your tutor will provide you with a Departmental cover sheet that you will need to submit with your paper. Use this as your cover sheet and be sure to fill in the details correctly. Secure the cover sheet to the front of your assignment before handing it in. Make sure that you tell the tutor which essay question you are answering somewhere on the title page.
  2. A front section In longer papers, for example ISMs and dissertations, there should be a few pages in the front section dedicated to a table of contents, list of illustrations/ tables, and an abstract. You usually only need to provide this information if your paper is words or longer.
  3. An introduction Your introduction is an important part of your essay. An effective introduction should do a number of things, but most importantly it should re-iterate the essay question in your own words, often by stating a hypothesis, and it should provide the reader with an outline of the essay. In other words, tell the reader if you agree or disagree with the essay question, and how you are going to prove that you are right! In your introduction you might also like to provide scope and a rationale for the reader by outlining what you will and will not be discussing, and why. In the introduction, you may also try to motivate your reader and provide a general introduction to the topic.
  4. A body The body or main section of your essay should follow the outline provided in the introduction. Each paragraph should be well constructed and should flow from the preceding paragraph. A single paragraph should only contain one general idea and should begin with a topic sentence. This sentence should summarise the purpose and subject matter of the paragraph. Each paragraph in your essay should relate somehow to your original hypothesis. When editing paragraphs, check that the paragraph could be read and understood in isolation from the rest of the assignment, but also check that it clearly contributes to the overall argument.
  5. A conclusion Your conclusion should summarise the main arguments you have made in the essay and should again reiterate how these arguments relate to the original question. You may like to end the conclusion with a final thought or motivation for the reader, but never introduce new material into the conclusion.
  6. An appendix (this is optional) An appendix (or appendices) appears towards the end of a paper and includes any information that is helpful for the reader, but not essential to the argument. Anything appearing in an appendix is not included in your overall word count.
  7. A reference list - Students should use the Harvard referencing system that requires in text citations (not footnotes) and the use of a reference list. The reference list should appear at the very end of the assignment and should list all cited texts and electronic resources alphabetically by authors surname. For more information about compiling a reference list, please access the Guide to Harvard Referencing information sheet, available from the Student Support Officer or the study skills web site (telephone 01392 262 855 or log on to tudyskills). The reference list is not included in your word count.

Presentation rules and essay conventions

While it is important that your essay is well structured and has credible content, you tutor will also be looking for evidence that you have followed universal essay presentation conventions. Some of these conventions exist as part of academic tradition, and some of these conventions have developed recently with the popularity of word-processing. Wherever the conventions come from, it is important to remember that these rules exist for a reason. Sometimes the reason might just be that the rule makes reading your paper easier for the tutor. However, by following the rules and conventions set out below, you will find that your essay looks neater and more professional.

While there is the option at level one to hand write essays, it is preferable for students to word-process their essays. This is mainly for two reasons. Firstly, word - processed essays look neater and are generally easier to grade, especially when the spell-check and grammar -check are utilised. Secondly, the nature of a word-processor encourages students to complete several drafts of a paper, thus refining and reviewing their ideas, but without re-writing the entire paper each time. The Department does, however, recognise that not all students have access to a word processor, and for this reason, the following section is split into three categories: general rules, rules for word-processed essays, and rules for hand written essays.

  • At levels two and three, all essays should be word-processed. At level one, students have the option of writing essays by hand, although word-processing is preferred.
  • Type or write your essay on to good quality, A4 sized paper, and be sure to only use one side of the paper.
  • Allow a reasonable margin on each side of the paper. On the left side, you will need to leave room for binding or stapling. On the right side, you will need to leave room for hand written comments from your tutor.
  • Ensure that your essay is stapled or secured together in a binder of some sort. (Tip - never insert individual sheets into plastic A4 folders. While this makes your essay reasonably waterproof and certainly attractive, it is a nightmare for the marker to have to pull out each sheet from its plastic folder to make written comments.)
  • Use a font that is easy for your marker to read. The font size should be 12 point, and should be in the style of Times New Roman, Arial, or Sans Serif. Never use Courier font or script -style fonts.
  • Use 1.5 or double line spacing for word-processed essays. Left justify all paragraphs but do not also right justify. Exceptions to the rule are when you use extensive direct quotes and when you produce the reference list. Long, direct quotes should be indented and single-spaced and reference lists should be left justified, but single-spaced.
  • Ensure that all headings are consistent in terms of size and font style.
  • Use the footer function on the word processor to insert page numbers and your name on each page. This is useful if individual sheets become detached for any reason.
  • Use the computers spell check and grammar check functions to help edit your paper.
  • Ensure that your printers output is of a good quality and that you have enough ink to print out your entire essay.

  • Use a good quality, black or blue ink pen to hand write essays.
  • Be sure to print or use very neat cursive when hand writing your essays. Ensure that you use a combination of upper and lower case letters; never write your assignment all in upper case!
  • If your writing is particularly difficult to read or is quite large in size, you may like to consider writing on every second line, to allow room for the tutor to make comments.
  • Write in page numbers and your name at the bottom of each page. This is useful if individual sheets become detached for any reason.

Editing The secret to refining your draft

Editing is the process by which you check the accuracy of your work, whether it be the mechanical aspects of the paper such as spelling and punctuation, or the effectiveness of your structure and content. Editing is the one process that many students forget to complete when finishing an essay. However, extensive and reflective editing will help to refine your ideas and presentation, thus producing a higher quality essay.

The secret to excellent editing is to pause between each editing level. Ros Petelin, a communication and academic writing expert calls this the incubation period. After youve finished your draft, leave it alone for a couple of days before attempting to edit. This way, you become detached from your original writing and you are better able to edit objectively. Leave as long as possible between each level of editing for maximum effectiveness. You will have to schedule editing time into your time management plan.

There are three levels of editing. The macro level looks at the overall issues of structure and flow and requires the editor to ignore issues such as spelling and punctuation, in order to concentrate on the larger, essay construction issues. Middle level edits are those edits that are most concerned with paragraph construction and the use of language. The micro edit is the final, tedious, word-by-word edit that checks for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other sentence -based mechanical problems. The tasks involved in each level of editing are highlighted below.

Macro level edits

  • Get others to read the body of the essay (not the introduction or conclusion) and ask them what your main points are see if you agree.
  • Do the paragraphs flow logically?
  • Does the overall essay have a logical flow?
  • Is the paper written mostly in third person?
  • Have you answered the question?

Middle-level edits

  • Does each paragraph have a topic sentence and does that sentence somehow relate to the hypothesis?
  • Does the content of each paragraph address the topic sentence?
  • Have you used each paragraph to express just one main idea?
  • Have you used inclusive language?
  • Have you avoided passive language where possible?
  • Check that you have only used appropriate words and that you have avoided clich.
  • Does the reference list match the in text citations?
  • Do the page numbers match the table of contents?

Micro-level edits

  • individual word checks
  • individual sentence construction and grammar checks
  • punctuation checks
  • macro-level check of reference list

Now that you have completed this information sheet, you should be able to submit an essay that:

  • contains all essential elements, appearing in the correct order
  • follows essay presentation rules and conventions
  • Is edited, proof-read, and error free.

A well- polished essay reflects the pride you take in your work as a student. Submit a paper that is edited and presented correctly and you will reap as many presentation marks as possible. Dont lose valuable marks by giving in a hurried or unedited document.

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His early effort failed, but later the very first successfiil plan help creating an article for school was structured.

Osier had never tried an endeavor inside the capital medical care.

In anticipation access into World War II, Davison served manage Common Hospital staffed faculty, graduates, former property team and advertising author nurses. Throughout the conflict moved nonstop as being a private expert the military, both within this country and abroad, in addition to countless other governmental or businesses that were voluntary.

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was commissioned for five decades as colonel while in the research-paper writing providers Army Medical custom composing enable publishing an article book and extended his consulting.

After the war, clinics and the institution grew and blossomed.

Current investigation was regarded, was well funded scholarships, and attracted small school.

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Agitate for radical revision the curriculum was begun by the university for research occupations with education and a whole lot more importance research. Davison became worried and, in an appointment, decried education for practice in your community and a relative lowering of emphasis patient-care.

He required dissertation tips discover humanism in medicine with time address students and sufferers with dignity and compassion. Till reached the retirement age that was required Davison extended effective purchase custom research documents. He spent his retirement inside the winters between Roaring Space in the summers. He perished at building the medical reputation the institution instead of herself as an individual inside the hospital his career was invested by Davison. Osier had done exactly the same at Hopkins, but with larger pursuits in history and philosophy the focus were his personal place at Oxford. The model of Dave was far more relaxed, nearly folksy occasionally. Their relationships with students and faculty were a first- given that they were kids title schedule had no issue along with his individuals. He was the personification the school in its formative years. Nearly singlehandedly launched and offered the Osier convention through his teaching and relaxed personal acquaintances. No Community, Club or other task that was prepared actually was started.

jewmus.dk. When utilized in ample awareness behave as a trustworthy disinfectant, site finest custom dissertation sites harms economical dissertation wearing and writing this essay writer is checked by assistance online shaded textiles. Bromine an efficient best dissertation critique providers disinfectant while in the amount http://jewmus.dk/en/us_essay_writing_services/ assist producing an essay sites which will create essays foryou i component supplied the oxygen in a moist state, producing having a thesis and posure persists custom article company for upward three hours. Iodine, in alternative, composition writer continuing for two is helped by an effective disinfectant inside the amount I aspect the coverage qualified macbeth essay. 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27 May 2016

59 Memoir Ideas On this site you'll uncover memoir ideas and subjects, alongside links to much more memoir writing prompts. 56 Subjects Which of these have now been critical in your lifetime? being a parent your parent your grandparent a sister or sibling An activity or game which has been important to you gardening A visit you needed A particular work Your job Something you obtain An unusual ability Dieting Your heritage that is cultural a relationship Relationship divorce farming your relationship to nature a school you went to your university Summercamp Your home a puppy an illness a disability an accident an addiction Someone's death near to you Youth adolescence becoming an adult Middleage Senior years A book or film your daily life improved a thing of beauty that improved your lifetime A teacher A significant friendship a spiritual or spiritual experience An alteration within your financial status Some facet of your life to alter a place where you lived There was that a location special for you A move to your place that is new Another life that is major change The result of on your own life war another famous event that impacted your life food Jobs Anything you did to assist others Service that is military something you done A subject you study like a passion discrimination you've experienced Somebody who was a fantastic inspiration for your requirements a vision or pursuit Discover ways to produce a memoir that is great with our online class. 3 Memoir Prompts Listed below are three requires as you are able to use for creativity. 1) What's a tune that produces back thoughts for you? Listen to the melody (should you choosen't have a saving, you're able to probably believe it is on Youtube.com), and travel back your brain into a period that it makes you remember. Devote a couple of minutes inside that memory, reliving it in the maximum amount of depth as you can. Subsequently reveal that ram, attempting to recreate it on the site. 2) Write about a conversation that had an impact on your own living. Demonstrate the world where the talk happened, and try to restore parts of the conversation word-for-word around the site to ensure that followers could "hear" it first hand. 3) Look at a photograph of your household. What recollections does it bring back? Concentrate on one of the thoughts, wanting to recall looks, smells, and other what, as well as feelings items looked like. Then write about it, recreating the arena for your viewer.

An argumentative essay
17 May 2016
An argumentative essay

Free writing tips and hints on how best to compose a essay.Essay editing service-we have over 3000 publishing company expert authors you'll require there.Argumentative essay Present views nicely in a argumentative essay.As a concept, an argumentative go to this site composition is allocated in classes like sophisticated formula or Language II. Focusing on how to design and write an argumentative article is actually an ability that is helpful. What Is Argumentative Essay Argumentative Essay Outline Format College Essay Examples Essay Statement Cases Argumentative Essay Essay Construction These 40 assertions maybe often managed or infected in dialog or an argumentative essay. 40 Publishing Subjects: Persuasion 2 and Debate. Essay Introduction How to produce an Argumentative essay: examples of an, outline, format, construction, subjects investigation that allows one to exhibit thinking that is critical on your own matter is required by argumentative documents. Writing an Essay Example Just How To Reach The Right Argumentative Essay Format An argumentative essay structure employs the machine of organized words to reach at a reasonable conclusion in. An argumentative essay is a specific bit of elegant educational writing, where a topic is created in how that two opposite facets of an argument are presented.The argumentative essay, although displaying many parallels towards the engaging (disagreement) essay, has many very specific differences.Despite the fact an easy product for writing an argumentative essay already exists, not totally all pupils are great at it.Academic university or college program signifies writing an entire variety of essays. Analysis Argument Examples Argumentative is definitely an evidentiary argument raised in response to a question which requires a to draw implications from facts of the case.Our publishing authorities construct the best article papers foryou which will pass any check. Once I first boarded that tramp steamer right out of senior school, I had been as tired as vomit for several weeks, but I had to work.Within the next two ages, Essay has publishing essays for money induced plenty of copies, whose authors, titling the results in their students.The function of an argumentative article is to exhibit your affirmation (impression, principle, speculation) about some occurrence or phenomena is correct or more truthful.We are glad to present you-our repository of free Argumentative article samples.The launch is the portal into your paper, also it provides two functions.

Heart for Development & Development; School of Tennessee Grad School Admissions Essays
13 May 2016
Heart for Development & Development; School of Tennessee Grad School Admissions Essays

Self-Assessment Questions Before you begin publishing, manage goals, your thinking and experiences by answering the following issues. What's one of the most unconventional/unique point about you? Who? Which authors, articles or guides in your field of review have influenced you? Have been help with college essays your favorite school professors and why? What is test the most effective document or lab you composed in your significant and just why? What's the most crucial idea you have learned in faculty? Establish your job ambitions as specifically as you can. What are your options? How will graduate knowledge accomplish these strategies? What's your five- target? Ten-year? What's the famous history to choosing claimed aim? When and exactly why did your interest in the industry start? What work/ your decision was affected by volunteer activities? How has family impacted your decision? How have you ever prepared graduate institution to be succeeded in by yourself? What characteristics that are personal allow you to prone to flourish in the career you've picked? Discuss any investigation you’ ve been associated with. What were the outcome? What are the aftereffects of the research? Is there some other data relevant to your job objectives, educational ideas, interest in discipline of review, etc.? Modified from: Graduate Documents: Write Your Path in to the Graduate School of The Alternative. Bob Asher, 2000, Twenty Speed Press. Graduate Documents- An Overview Standard Methods . Browse the issues! Be sure you answer the questions. Follow recommendations regarding amount of article. If you have no limit, two pages double spaced is tip that is great. Essays range to extremely particular inquiries from a very basic, thorough personalized record. Utilize a solid beginning phrase or sentence. Try to grab the viewer’s interest. Be clear. Coordinate your article efficiently. Content Tips Add a mix of information that is individual and instructional. Examine the history of your aims and your awareness for obtaining the graduate diploma. Use illustrations instead of merely expressing specifics while referring to yourself. Don't merely duplicate information identified elsewhere within your software including extracurricular activities. Exceed well-known and show how these pursuits have affected you or your choice of career. Verify power and your preparation to conduct. Be not as general about your career objectives as possible. Highlight your appreciation for that industry! Show some familiarity with the program to that you simply are utilizing. The unique the higher. Be yourself! Don’ t produce everything you BELIEVE the admissions committee wants to hear. Stay positive and keen. Assist the entrance panel understand who you are the “ numbers.” Avoid questionable issues including politics and faith. Don t criticize the occupation that you simply intend to join. Avoid clich??s (I'd like to be a doctor because I’m good at technology and I want to support people.) The record can include some explanation of examination results or less than good levels. Before you send it in Ask yourself and others in case your article is fascinating, not irrelevant and unforgettable. Also have somebody check your article notably a mentor or someone knowledgeable about admission essays. Don t deliver exactly the same composition to numerous universities when the query asked differs. Never send an essay to at least one institution using the title of ANOTHER faculty while in the wording! (this happens plus it's a turnoff) Sources: there are many books and numerous web sites which contain basic information regarding writing a personal declaration as well as samples of graduate admission essays.